Oct 04 2012

… and onto Falmouth

Thursday 4th October: I LOVE THE 5 PILCHARDS, really I do! Saved last night, a great night’s sleep, and my spirits restored. And today, only about 15 miles to Falmouth under blue skies and sun. Plus a bed at Jayne’s tonight. Tide too high to walk across the stepping stones at Gillan Harbour, so walked around via the little Flushing – pleased to notice that the stepping stones were still submerged on my way past on the northern side of the inlet. Met Paul waiting for the ferry to cross the Helford river – then parted at the Ferry Boat Inn, where i stopped for lunch and he scurried onto Falmouth to catch his bus. Had a combo of whitebait, rich choc and caramel pud, orange juice and latte – and felt sick. Really? Walked it off and got to Gyllingvase Beach, feeling better – was given a lift across town by Jackie and David (what’re the chances?!) and met my lift to take me to a place of warmth and a hot bath. Jayne had me put up my tent in her kitchen by the Rayburn to dry out, and washed ALL my clothes.
Finished my poem:

The Song of the Towans
Above the spewm, through freathy winds, upon the Halzephron,
I galloped astride the Tobban Horse due west to catch the sun.
By evening’s gloom saw Efflins dance in the Butter Hole,
The Criggars crazed amid the gorse drunk from the Liskey bowl.
In dying rays my lusty glaze held fast the Zennor maid,
While snail’s creep cross Cribbar Rock mark the end of summer days.
That night I dined on gurnard’s head to ease my pengersick;
Ate thunder and lightening from a skilly dish with syrup of the Vinnick.
Then mother Ivy she sent me home towards our rosevine bed,
To tell you of godrevy dreams that fill my cligga head.
She bade the Bellows to blow me east, back to my journey’s start,
With tales of sky and heath and sea that swell my boldieve heart.

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