Oct 01 2012

Ephinany …

Monday 1st October: Clare woke in the early hours – ‘Ruth, I need to ask you something’ awkward silence ‘you know the keys that I saw in the side pocket of my car door? Tell me they’re NOT your car keys …’ She’d been processing various images stored in her head from the past few days and came up with that blinder at 2am. Ruth: ‘Oh crap’. So, no clever car at Mousehole after all, since the keys had been left at Morvah. Ruth’s not very good with keys, she has history. Then I discovered that the mackerel fillets hadn’t agreed with Pip’s delicate constitution and had to perform a pre-breakfast, undercover clean up job in Mr Fussy’s conservatory (which I did with aplomb). Left Porthcurno in fits. Onward to Lamorna cove – too busy phoning taxis and arranging school pick-ups to take much note of scenery – greeted by the welcomed aroma of freshly ground coffee. Possibly the most unlikely place to get a hazelnut latte with a frangipane and cherry tart on the side. Left Clare, Ruth and my back pack waiting for a taxi to Morvah, and arranged to meet Ruth in Mousehole for lunch. Basked above Mousehole harbour in the sun for half hour waiting for her. Finally said goodbye to Pip – taken back home in the car, limping and now with additional problem of mackerel stomach .. I can’t possibly take him any further!
Got to Praa Sands at the end of the day – to Sydney Cove. Found a very basic campsite – traipsed back down the hill to the Sandbar for great food, JD and a battery boost for my phone. Long day tomorrow – plan to make it to Lizard. Got to leave early.