Oct 06 2012

All eyes on the Gribben

Saturday 6th October: Have arranged to meet Debbie and Sally today for the Fowey leg of the walk. And what a great day for it: summer has returned! So, will meet them at 9.30 in Mevagissey .. will have to leg it from Boswinger. If I leave at 8am and take a woodland path I will make it in time. A bit cheaty (not going around the Dodman .. passing Gorran inland, rather than on the coast ..), but needs must. Shin REALLY hurting this morning. Hobbledy-hoy .. road walking to Gorran Church, up and down through the woods, across a footbridge (keeping such a close eye on the map); Pasty Presto for coffee and pastry combo and a pasty (for lunch), then meeting up with friends. Sally had no walking boots, no jumper, no coat – so just as well the day is officially beautiful. And how fantastic for me to be walking around St Austell Bay – with a view of the Gribben all the way. I can cope with the ups and downs and the pain in my leg so long as we’re talking. It makes such a difference having company; really enjoyable. Had my photo taken outside the writer’s stone cottage below Blackhead (I do like that cottage ..); stopped at Porthpean and sat awhile above the beach eating our pasties; admired the tall ships in Charlestown harbour, watched D-Day style landing exercises onto Carlyon Bay (helicopters, landing craft, hovercraft, battleships .. I haven’t kept up with the news for the past 12 days: can someone tell me what war are we preparing for?), and walked the uninspiring inland diversion around Par. All to get to Polkerris for a well earned drink. Mum and dad came to meet me and relieve me of my backpack. The general consensus was that it’s better than an August day. Then the final hour and a half hobble into Fowey. Lucky Dave walked from Coombe to Allday’s Fields with us – and although I had hoped to be met by friends for a drink in a pub (all otherwise occupied) I went to Sams by myself and Simon dropped the boys in for a meal. A steak and a cocktail: a pretty good end to the day.

Now I’m lying with my leg up. Not allowed to walk on it until the swelling goes down. Shin splint. So I have been deprived of the final 2 day’s walk to Downderry and onto Cremyll. For now. Being good – lit a fire and watched a whole film yesterday, followed by some rubbish afternoon telly about who has the best house out of four desperate saddos, seeking celebrity, all living in ostentatious Spanish mansions. I watched it to the bitter end with my leg elevated, so I reckon I got full marks!

I am determined to finish my walk as soon as I’m able.

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