Mar 03 2017

Hooked on Camino

Having walked the Camino Frances (St John Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela) in 2013, the Via de la Plata (Seville to SdC) 2015, and Camino del Ebro (Barcelona to Monserrat to SdC), 2016 – I can safely say that me and my husband Simon are hooked on Spain’s long distance adventures. You meet people like us regularly on the various routes, who, once introduced to Spain’s many caminos, can’t stop walking.

This year we’ve decided to begin our journey in Alicante, in part because we can fly cheaply from Bristol, and follow the Sureste path, joining the Sanabres, towards Santiago, approx 1100km in 40 days. There we plan to meet 4 of our children in early April during semana santa, and spend a leisurely week walking 120km to Muxía and Finisterre, on the coastline west of Santiago. We ended our walk from Seville at Finisterre, and have since wanted to revisit the bar at the end of the golden sands littered with pink scallop shells – a beer in this place is a fitting end to all caminos’.