Mar 24 2017

Stage 14: Villanueva de Bogas to Toledo.. should have been around 44.3km though…

…we walked about 35km and cheated (don’t judge me)

Early start from Villanueva de Bogas to the castle & slag heaps of Almonacid de Toledo, to Nambroca (off piste – somehow slipped onto the Camino de Lavante), lost and harassed by hundreds of barking dogs in Las Nieves (really off piste and piste off – this was Simon’s idea of a sneaky short cut) .. then attempted a motorway walk for the final few kms to Toledo (we were advised that the bikes go this way … but for us it promised a walk of certain death). Ended up wandering aimless in the central reservation – then back to the BUS STOP; our only option so late in the day. We covered over 20 miles I’d say, plus lots of walking round the central reservation like a teddy bear. Got to Toledo as the sun was fading.

NB. don’t try to be clever and outsmart the yellow arrows. It’ll end in tears!