Mar 25 2017

Stage 15: Toledo to Novés 39.7km (less 7km)

Toledo: spent last night in mighty modest Hostal Santa Barbara, with paper thin walls and an endurance goggle-boxer in the room next door. City tourists by day till 13.00; 13.05 pilgrims on the road to Villamiel – where the ‘casa rural’ was shut; a 7km dash to the next village of Nuesca to find a bed – nada; then phoned round a few places – no answer. Simon had already begun muttering about kipping in a ditch .. not a great idea when wild boar are out to getcha. Still 7km to Novés, and a shelter. Relieved then when a man in a bar offered to drive us – said we couldn’t possibly walk in the dark. Figured that if someone OFFERS a lift, then it isn’t cheating – more akin to provision from above. So, we were gratefully delivered to vicar Filipe who’s given us beds, kitchen, BATH, towels, blankets (all within the albergue that doubles as a food bank – so we’re sleeping amongst tin peaches, lentils and rice).

Oh, and a crucifix above our beds. Sweet dreams!