Mar 28 2017

Stage 18: Cebreros to San Bartolomé de Pinares 16km.

The Camino Levante guidebook says to go from Cebreros direct to Ávila (37.2km), without stopping to take in the breathtaking scenery and to picnic, sitting on the rocks, paddling toes in the Aroyo de la Pizarra (‘look.. are they leeches in that pool?’). Reminiscent of a magical day spent at Dartmeet when the kids were little. Anyway.. ignore the Levante – we went instead with the Sureste and took our time. Besides, the initial 300m climb up, out of Cebreros, in just over 2km was reason enough to stop and rest. Saw vultures, walked over high moorland closely grazed by herds of cows with bells on, horses, listened to frog choruses in the pools, and later walked between huge granite boulders. The cobbled town of San Bartolomé is charming and the albergue is OPEN – proper bunks in a room on the top floor of the medical centre. All free as usual. Amused by a raucous Saturday night in the bar – telly football blaring, shouting, singing, impromptu flamenco, children playing chase. Is this usual? 😳 (uh oh, ‘Viva España’ now – the repertoire is getting desperate)

Simon was official photographer today, but his photos were rubbish. He says ‘settings’ blah blah. Have sorted his settings. But a definite lack of images.