Mar 31 2017

Stage 21: Gotarrendura to Arévalo with 4 unpronounceable place names inbetween. 28.4km

Birthday for Simon!

Up earlier than our albergue buddy, planned to meet up for breakfast in next cafe village .. we were blown out. Never mind. Hasta luego, Eduardo! That’s camino friendships.

A fine day and slightly down hill, walked through the next two villages. Heard the first hoopoe properly hoo-pooing. Stopped in Tiñosillos for a plaza bench break out of our ruck sacks, then on through pine woods to Arévalo. The pine trees are being bled for their resin – acres of pine trees, each with drip trays and plastic cups.

Swanky jazz bar in the centre of town for a birthday celebration .. both looking like hobos. The posh hotel was full – no matter. The 2 star will do fine. Leicester vs Sevilla later in the Champions’ League – going to explore, then find a football bar and annoy the locals.