Mar 16 2017

Stage 6: Pétrola to Albacete 35.6km

35.6km (plus extra bit to visit Chinchilla – really worth a detour if only to see the caves of 16th century Moors, fleeing the war in Granada. Some of the caves higher up the mountain have been made habitable and are rented out).

Cold, cold head wind this morning, all the way to Chinchilla. Lost the arrows briefly, but found the caves, explored a cave until it went too deep and we got scared, then found the arrows towards Albacete. Arrows not so great outside the town – but with Albacete in sight, we followed a runway. Decided to go for a HOTEL (Oh yes .. with breakfast) – a bit disappointing and ‘corporate’, though buffet breakfasts always good for filling rucksacks with Bimbo buns!