Mar 17 2017

Stage 7: Albacete to La Gineta 19.5km

The museum of knives and forks AND (probably) scissors in Albacete.. a train, a train, a train, a train – would you could you? .. a short walk wrapped against the cold headwind .. and a red rumped swallow’s nest. Today’s walk in 4 pics. Rather flat, straight, windy and surprisingly tedious. Arrived in La Gineta, drinking beer while waiting for Fernando to bring the keys and (hopefully) the drums.

So, it appears that we have the keys to a public toilet.. oh, hang on.. are those mattresses? And Simon seems to be impressed by the en suite shower. Where’s the next place?

We’ve walked the past 7 days, since our departure from Alicante last Wednesday, stayed in a monastery, a church, a hermitage, an albergue, two ‘otels, and, tonight, a toilet. Worn full thermals in bed twice – and will definitely require them, plus ski hat, socks, buff, and gloves, tonight. Currently filling up on vino to numb the pain later