Apr 28 2017

Camino thoughts: ‘Mas y mas’


Switzerland I walk to claim some sanity within this madding state.
I walk because while body allows, I shall.
I walk to catch the brown haired girl who runs pell-mell,
Unfettered soul, neglected mate.
Until we sit in churches’ squares to delight at the parry of beaks, the meet and greet of storks in nests.
Upon the almond blossomed bough we see the hoopoe nod its head, its brazen crest shut tight with each affirming cry,
And observe the subtly changing forms, of earth and sky, through fledgling eyes.
She and I take time to wonder at the ants clearing banks of discarded crumbs,
To admire the blushing breast and coal black cap of the stone chat, as he alights from his post,
Spot the hare upon her hind legs before she bolts,
Then gorge upon the larks’ honeyed song.
I and we mark the passing of time, as our shadow’s hand sweeps from left to right, across the sun burned sand.

Ogre Asked again: ‘why walk so far?’

http://mooiparijs.nl/hyer/ If identifying one’s place in nature is not enough, then consider this:
I walk to recognise the appreciative nod from the old woman who has passed this way before – grateful that my boots may warm her tired prints.
I walk to receive the simple kindnesses of villagers – some small gift: a local savoury, a sweet pastry; or the generosity of a stranger’s welcome, though I may be dusty and lacking in language.
I walk to learn from those with whom I share the way: lessons in poverty, homelessness, poor health, death, wealth; some hunched beneath the burden of success.
In this place all are bound tight by a common goal to pass as equals in search of unity.
In this place we are all lost souls, freed from the shackles of identity.

And again, amplified by younger tongues, ‘Walk? Ha! Take the car, the train, leather seats, hotels with fresh white sheets, fuck pain! feather bed, live fast, drink deep, lose your head, life’s cheap.’
Drug the present. Unplug the past.
Says the boy:
‘Mas y Mas’.
‘More and More!’
Feast, forget, ‘Enjoy’.


I choose to walk not to forget, but with less to carry, desires lost, distractions cast, I am free to remember.

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