Apr 04 2017

Stage 25: Mira del Marques to San Pedro de Latarce to Villalpando 38.2km

Last night’s albergue, perhaps not as luxurious as Tordesillas, but the warmest of welcomes from Rebeca, hot shower, beds and blankets. It’s all buen!

Up with the working girls (early morning cafe is in the hostel on the motorway, opposite ‘el club’). Had to rescue Si’s beloved Nordic sticks from the locked albergue before setting off .. life wouldn’t have been worth living without them.

Landscape: more of the same. But a stone chat and sky larks came to say hello .. kites overhead .. a clacking serenade of stork beaks in each church square. And trees in the afternoon. In the Latarce place I got ticked off for sitting in the sun. Silly woman!

As usual lots of car horns beeping ‘buen camino’. In addition several cars stopped to talk to us today. One asked if there was anything we needed. Another farmer quizzed us on Brexit – we agreed with him that it was a very bad thing. The last driver pulled over and insisted on giving us water, cheese, breadsticks and biscuits .. all from the boot of his car .. would that happen in the UK? Don’t think so.

Arrived in Villalpando – sheep cheese capital – decided against the albergue in a scuzzy block of flats, opting instead for a night with sheets.

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