Apr 05 2017

Stage 26: Villalpando to Benavente 29km

‘Which bird is your favourite?’ Simon asked. His is the goldfinch, he thinks it’s the prettiest. I like skylarks. Always happy with their lot, always singing, plus they have an amusing hairdo. At lunch we watched swallows being chased by flying bugs. Groups of fat black beetles chasing the predator. Can’t be normal, surely?! Then all disappeared – swallows, doves – with a kite flyby. Later we saw a flock of long legged Great Bustards take to the air from a field of wheat. Weighing up to 20kg, they’re impressive birds – they’re silhouette isn’t so dissimilar to that if a turkey, and we know ALL about turkeys. It would have been great to see them up close, but they didn’t much appreciate our company.

That was the day, pretty much. Apart from walking and eating yesterday’s left overs. Now at Benavente, in another hostal. We’ll be hitting the Camino Sanabres tomorrow, heading northwest to Santiago, while other peregrinos (what other perigrinos?) will go north to Astorga on the Via de la Plata.

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