Apr 06 2017

Stage 27: Benavente to Santa Marta de Tera somewhere between 24km and 31km

.. the book couldn’t make up its mind. It took about 6 hours, so I’d say the latter, plus some (wonky waymarks)

The ‘drink me’ tonic is taking effect. We’ve lassoed the horizon, we’re drawing it in and growing into our new surroundings. Wild patches of holly oak, the smell of gum rock rose (the true scent of the Camino); sad evidence of wild boar, hit by cars and tossed into ditches; old men and women working small allotments; friendly villages. We we’re told of a ‘mad American’ who drew his own yellow arrows and robbed unsuspecting pilgrims who stumbled into his lair. Earned himself thousands of euros, until he was caught. Bad American.

We’ve joined the Camino Sanabres, and are now heading northwest to Santiago. Also heading for snow. Wednesday the temperatures are set to plummet and the skies open with more of the white stuff. Just as we start our assent into the high mountains.

Got to enjoy the fantastic albergue this little town has to offer, and take whatever is thrown at us in the days to come. Met two more perigrinos – Bernadette (German/living in Spain) joining from the Via de la Plata and Pepe coming from someplace else?! Perhaps we’ll have company in the next few days.

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