Apr 07 2017

Stage 28: Santa Marta de Tera to Mombuey 35.9kms

Proper cold with the threat of rain. Set off at a good pace, but not good enough to keep Pepe at bay. After a chat, Simon and Pepe sorted out any rivalry and we could all breathe easy and walk like normal people. Highlight.. embalse Nuestra Señora de Agavansal – remembered this place from our last walk along the Camino Sanabres, 2 years ago – beautiful. And the slightly mad missionary, Craig, was thankfully less evangelical on this visit. In fact it was great to sit with him a while and eat our lunch in his hand crafted albergue .. we caught up with Pepe .. we waited for Bernadette .. and we walked with Bernadette to the next Albergue.

Said farewells as we strode on to Mombuey. Greeted with wine by Vit the Czech and peregrino Netherlander.

Warned of snow and minus temperatures tomorrow.

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