Apr 10 2017

Stage 31: Requejo to Vilavella 29.3kms

Yesterday’s weather forecast.. the glamorous presenter promised a slight warming after the day’s winters lows. Based on this information we decided to make an early start and brave the mountain. Up, up to 1350m, down to Lubián at 1025m, where the people are known locally as ‘lobos’ (wolves), then up again to 1281m and over the crest into GALICIA! Originally planned to walk on another 13km to the albergue at A Gudiña (‘Reported reopened, clean and fully fumigated in September 2016’, according to the guidebook), but had to find an alternative. Two climbs with thick up to a foot of snow underfoot and freezing fog alternating with near blizzard conditions did for us and Mother Nature won. Google sent us to a very nice hotel with a hot bath and a large quantity of good honest Gallego food (peregrino menus can be marvellous!)

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