Apr 12 2017

Stage 32: Vilavella to A Gudiña 14km

Stage 32: Vilavella to A Gudiña 14km

Snow stopped play yesterday, and we ducked out mid stage. Ran out of steam to walk the extra 14km to A Gudiña. Then, reading the guide, we realised that in order to stay in sync with the albergues we have no choice but to stop at A Gudiña – following that, Laza, is 34km away, and we didn’t fancy a 50km hike.

So, we enjoyed the short walk through the heather moor and mossy granite boulders. The landscape is suddenly oozing water; streams, springs, waterfalls. Whereas we were forced to buy bottled water before, now there are several water fountains at each village we come to. Huge granite slabs have been hauled into place to provide stepping stones and hefty bridges. Primroses, wilted from yesterday’s snow, grow in abundance from the dry stone walls that now line the camino. Chestnut cases and dry oak-leaves are under foot. With the snowy peaks surrounding us, it feels like we’ve been transported to the Scottish Borders. It’s incredibly familiar. I know the further we get into Galicia, as we leave the mountains behind, it’ll feel more and more like Cornwall, easing the transition home – especially once we hit the rocky coast at Muxia.

Met with our companion Bernadette at the albergue at A Gudiña, and caught up with a Spanish pilgrim, Alberto. The clocks spring forward tonight, meaning that it won’t get light until after 8am. We plan to get on our way earlyish. Snow and low temperatures forecast again for tomorrow. A bit of warmth would be welcome.

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