Apr 14 2017

Stage 34: Laza to Xunqueira 33.4km (felt like 133.4k)

As an inhabitant of a shared bedroom that had agreed on an early start, there was no swerving the 7am ‘lights-on’. Had a sweaty 500m climb out of the river valley, punctuated by a brief second breakfast at a ‘donativo’ cafe (have whatever you want and leave what you can) – a thought provoking concept – and later, tapas and a hard boiled egg with Luis at the famous shell cafe at the summit in Alberguería. Luis operates a far more business-like deal.

That left a mere 21.5km (13 miles), downhill to the ‘X’ place. Pah! No problema. The track lead us straight, straight along an endless dirt road, up and down, along tarmac, over granite moorland, through oak woods, and finally, FINALLY, at 6pm we arrived at the albergue and claimed our bunks.

Walked on and off today with Bernadette, Beate & Alberto; caught up with Vitt and Pepe. I’ve slept with all of them (except Beate.. she’s a hotel girl). Vitt snores and needs to pee a lot (cracking open the ear plugs and currently working my way through a bottle of Rioja to aid total blackout).

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