Apr 18 2017

Stage 37 San Cristóbal de Cea to the monastery at Oseira to Castro Dozón: more than 20.2km (stupid guide book)

Simon was a little worse for consuming half a bottle of hierbas last night. Tiny pigeon steps up the hill to Oseira. Better after coffee.

White campion, woodpeckers, hoopoes, cuckoo’s call, oak woods, eucalyptus, mossy banks, freezing monastery, sunny picnic, siesta. And a bleedin’ useless (and heavy) guide book. I think the writer was having a bad day when he was writing this stage.. describing cattle sheds as ‘hideous’, leading us astray, telling us wrong distances. Amparo Sánchez, bloody pull yourself together!

Remembered the albergue from our last stay. A peculiar place, overlooking the municipal swimming pool (now empty) and kids playground. Warmer than I remembered, but still like a TB convalescence outpost in the hills. Good bar down the road, which we ran to through stair rod rain. The weather had better pick up for tomorrow, else we may be forced to bail out halfway. When it rains here it doesn’t mess abaht.

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