Apr 19 2017

Stage 38: Castro Dozón to Silleda 30km

100% chance of rain by 1pm, google said. Decided to get a shifty on early to avoid a drenching. Last to leave the albergue, following after the French and Spanish duo, then Bernadette; we took off at 8am. Not bad. Walked the path (not the road, as so many pilgrims choose to do). Had to walk 3 hours before Ma José for soup, bottle of tinto, coffee. Simon refrained from modelling the comedy hat this time round.

Made it to Silleda without getting too wet. Thunder echoing around the oaks, as Simon told me the dangers of sheltering beneath a tree during a storm. Useless health and safety advice. Checked into el bar for coffee. We’d been warned that the Municipal Albergue was closed, but got a double room in a hostal with en suite for only 25€.

It’s difficult not to race the next two days. We could get to Santiago tomorrow, or aim for Sunday as is the plan. Meeting Matt and Rachael, Charlie, Joe and Kit on Monday afternoon, so there’s really no need to arrive early. It has to be said that the end has an inevitable pull that’s drawing us in, and whilst I want to stand in front of the Cathedral of St James, I’m reluctant for the journey to close. To enjoy taking slow, thoughtful steps over the next few days is the task ahead. When we join the family, the path will take on a completely different dimension. I’m looking forward to the banter.

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