Apr 20 2017

Stage 39: Silleda to Ponte Ulla 20km

Because yesterday’s 5pm ‘siesta’ merged into night-time, briefly punctuated by a crumb-free hotel TV picnic-in-bed, we were both awake at 5am. Breakfast in el bar downstairs: frothy tomatoes on toast (remember Cresta, man?); second breakfast on the road in Bandeira – caught up with Bernadette; alcoholic elevenses with Andreas from Milan in his inviting cafe/albergue. Talked politics, talked the travesty that is Brexit, talked wine, talked family.

A pleasant path meandering through woodland and little villages. Barely any rain. No April foolishness (not needed when world news is so bonkers). Arrived in Ponte Ulla to meet with Bernadette again in a small pension on the road, and, immediately seduced by the promise of a barbecued steak at 8pm and clean clothes, we decided to book a room. It’s nice here!

Will hug Santiago smelling Galego fresh, por la manaña!

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