Apr 21 2017

Stage 40: Ponte Ulla to SANTIAGO de COMPOSTELA! 20km

Slowly, slowly. Small steps. No rush. We met no other pilgrims on the path. Passing through manicured villages, we stopped for a picnic at Ermita de St Lucia (finishing the bread that keeps giving, the 1k Pan de Cea). Four kilometres before entering Santiago, we stopped to pay our respects on the bridge over the curved section of track, the site of the tragic train derailment, July 2013. Eighty people lost their lives. Then, from a vantage point, stood and admired the view of the city – and the towers of the Catedral de Santiago.

We’ve arrived! 40 days from the start of our journey. In the square I rushed to hug Bernadette, who was stood talking to Beate. Photos, collected our ‘Compostela’, drank beer, found ‘Hotel Windsor’ and fell fast asleep.

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