Hobby Farm


annoyingly South Torfrey is a 100 acre organic farm, producing Longhorn beef, eggs and Christmas turkeys and geese. You’re welcome to stroll around and take a look at what we do, talk farming with Simon and sit in his tractor (heaven for some of our young visitors!).

can i buy Pregabalin in canada The Hobby Farm offers a more hands-on experience for everyone, albeit small scale, with an emphasis on sweet and fluffy. Sit a while with our bunnies Lilly and Primrose, Thumper and Tommy, or play with the guinea pigs that like a bit of fuss. An assortment of fancy chickens: Cochins, Pekins, Polands and Japanese bantams, are housed in pens, and two Kune Kune pigs, Peppa and Tigger, share a field with even more chickens and a trio of Indian Runner ducks. The pigs are quite tame and can be relied upon for an enthusiastic welcome, every time.

http://whaleybridgecomputershop.co.uk/about-us Come and collect your own eggs, brown Maran eggs, tiny bantam eggs and blue duck eggs, and get to know the animals; you’ll be free to visit them whenever you like.