Hobby Farm


South Torfrey is a 100 acre organic farm, producing Longhorn beef, eggs and Christmas turkeys and geese. You’re welcome to stroll around and take a look at what we do, talk farming with Simon and sit in his tractor (heaven for some of our young visitors!).

The Hobby Farm offers a more hands-on experience for everyone, albeit small scale, with an emphasis on sweet and fluffy. Sit a while with our bunnies Lilly and Primrose, Thumper and Tommy, or play with the guinea pigs that like a bit of fuss. An assortment of fancy chickens: Cochins, Pekins, Polands and Japanese bantams, are housed in pens, and two Kune Kune pigs, Peppa and Tigger, share a field with even more chickens and a trio of Indian Runner ducks. The pigs are quite tame and can be relied upon for an enthusiastic welcome, every time.

Come and collect your own eggs, brown Maran eggs, tiny bantam eggs and blue duck eggs, and get to know the animals; you’ll be free to visit them whenever you like.